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The Central (Civil) pensions are authorized through Central Pension Accounting Office (CPAO) functioning under the Controller General of Accounts. CPAO is administering the 'Scheme for Payment of Pension to Central Government Civil Pensioners by Authorized Banks (both Public Sector and some Private sector Banks)’.  Its functions inter-alia includes:

  • Issue of Special Seal Authorisations (SSAs) for pension payment to Authorised Banks.
  • Preparation of budget for the Pension Grant and accounting thereof.
  • Reconciliation with and performance review of banks with respect to Pension Payments and disbursements.

The coverage of the scheme extends to all pensioners of the Central Government employed in Civil Ministries/Departments (other than Railways, Posts, Telecom and Defence), National Capital Territory of Delhi, Union Territory Administrations without legislatures, retired Judges of the High Courts and the Supreme Court and All India Services Officers.  This scheme also covers payment of pension to former Members of Parliament and the payment of pension and other amenities to the former Presidents/Vice Presidents of India. The working of CPAO is fully computerized.

CPAO was created with the primary objective to simplify the procedure and reduce the number of agencies for pension payment and to expedite the process of authorization, revision and transfer of pension through Authorized Banks.

The working of CPAO is fully computerized and it maintains a databank of Central (Civil) pensioners mainly based on authorization made. Over 10.12 lakh pensioners are provided pension related services by the CPAO through more than 55,501 paying bank branches all over the country.

CPAO has taken several measures to computerize pernsion processing and effective disbursement in CPAO and for interfaces with banks and Pay & Accounts Officers. For providing better services to all the pensioners the Grievance cell of CPAO has been enhanced and Toll Free Call Centre with Toll Free Number (1800-11-77-88) has also been started.

NPS subscribers and their families are paid Additional Relief in the case of severance of their association with government due to death or disability. CPAO is disbursing monthly provisional pension direct to their bank accounts.

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